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Teamup Technology Limited

Our company was established in Hong Kong in February 2004. For the first 10-15 years, we were very successful in providing total solutions to fixed/mobile network carriers, such as network-based location service platform and signalling gateways based on Aculab's Prosody X. We have also provided to our customers cloud computing platforms for managing the provision of as well as charging of CPU, memory, storage and network resources. For the past few years, we have focused on providing professional services to customers for their in-house system analysis and software development for managing datacenter operations.

Datacenter technologies have been moving in a fast pace. We have developed customized applications for managing various resources within datacenters, including power, cooling and space. We were able to integrate Aimetis Symphony Video Management System into our datacenter management solution (DCMS) to enable users of the datacenter facilities to visually monitor their own racks and servers in the datacenter through live and historical video streaming via an in-house developed RTSP proxy server. We have also completed integration work with Commscope’s Imvision iPatch intelligent patching panels to alert users of the datacenter facilities of any unplanned optical and RJ45 cable disconnections.

It’s really amazing that we can do so much in the past 10-20 years and we will continue to strive to provide quality software solutions to our customers to their satisfaction at reasonable prices. We will continue to recruit more human resources to cater for our ever-expanding businesses and stay abreast of new emerging technologies in the information and communication arena.

October, 2022.