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Location-Based Services System for LTE

December, 2015

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It is part of the 4th generation of mobile technology, named after the 3G used for smartphones and 2G used for digital phones. Most carriers around the world have upgraded or are in the process of upgrading their networks to this new technology which will bring faster internet on your mobile, including streaming music and video, more pictures and faster downloads. Following this trend closely, we have upgraded our Location-Based Services (LBS) System to support LTE mobile network in addition to 2G/3G networks. The system was successfully launched by a local mobile network operator in December, 2015.

Circuit-Switched Voice & Signalling Applications Platform

February, 2016

In the past, we had sold a number of circuit-switching and signalling solutions based on the Excel programmable voice switch. Unfortunately this product has gone end-of-life and we’ve been looking around for a replacement product. Earlier last year we decided to go for the Aculab’s Prosody X which is a 1U compact programmable switch with E1 interfaces and it supports SS7, SIGTRAN and SIP signalling. With just a few months’ time we were able to migrate our application software from the Excel switch to Prosody X. Thanks to the ease of use of the Aculab APIs. All previous applications developed with our Service Creation Environment (SCE) for the Excel switch, which is an integrated development environment (IDE), can be re-used on the Prosody X without the need to make any changes to nor recompile the applications.

Enhanced Location-Based Services System for LTE

March, 2016

We made a critical technological breakthrough in upgrading our Location-Based Services (LBS) System to support LTE mobile network. In moving from 3G to LTE, the LBS System has to handle a lot more signalling messages and this in turn generates a lot more location events. Now the LBS System captures location information from not just circuit switched voice calls and short messages, but also mobile data requests and VoIP calls. It also extracts roaming location information from Diameter messages. The LBS System is suitable for informational, advertising, workforce management and network planning purposes. It also provides an important information stream for feeding and adding value to data-hungry Big Data applications. The enhanced system was successfully launched by another local mobile network operator in March, 2016.

Datacenter Management Applications

April, 2016

Datacenter technologies have been moving in a fast pace. We have developed customized applications for managing various resources within datacenters, including power, cooling and space. We were able to integrate Aimetis Symphony Video Management System into our datacenter management solution (DCMS) to enable users of the datacenter facilities to visually monitor their own racks and servers in the datacenter through live and historical video streaming via an in-house developed RTSP proxy server. We have also completed integration work with Commscope’s Imvision iPatch intelligent patching panels to alert users of the datacenter facilities of any unplanned optical and RJ45 cable disconnections. We’ve been working closely with Commscope on potential projects based on their 3D Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) application and Redwood. The DCIM enables users to manage their datacenter infrastructure systems, assets and workflows to optimize capacity, availability and efficiency. Redwood is a cost-effective intelligent lighting solution, using which datacenters can gain immediate energy savings and improve operational efficiency around building performance.