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SIGTRAN Protocol Stack

What is SIGTRAN?

SIGTRAN is a family of protocols for providing reliable datagram service and user layer adaptations for SS7 signalling. It uses an IP transport called Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), with upper layers of M3UA, SCCP, TCAP and user parts such as INAP, MAP and CAMEL. SIGTRAN brings to packet networks all the proven and deployed qualities of the traditional SS7 networks which have existed for a long time and have gone through a lot of improvements over the years to meet high performance demands of switching and multi-media services.

SIGTRAN Applications

Wireline and mobile network operators are evolving from their legacy circuit-switched networks to packet-switched networks. The migration to an underlying packet-switched transport network is essential for the convergence to an all-IP network with associated technologies and signalling protocols to support the delivery of multi-media services. The evolving network is combining telecom, the internet, messaging  and various media services, and enabling more feature-rich applications. Possible applications include location-based services, number portability, postpaid/ prepaid voice applications, USSD applications and other INAP/MAP/CAMEL applications.

High Throughput

Our SIGTRAN software was divided into modules which communicate via inter-process queues. The modules were written in C/C++ programming language and the combined protocol stack housed in a single RedHat Linux server could support up to 11,000 signalling transactions per second.

Reference Site

Our SIGTRAN protocol stack software has been put into service in a mobile network operator in Hong Kong since the Year 2010.

Download Brochure and Load Test Report

Click here to download this page in PDF format, or here to download the load test report of our SIGTRAN protocol stack.

For More Information

You are welcomed to contact us for more information about our SIGTRAN protocol stack software. Please send an email to info@teamup.com.hk or give a ring to +852 2581 1672.