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IMG 1010 VoIp Media Gateway

The IMG 1010 Media Gateway is an integrated media and signaling VoIP gateway that provides any-to-any voice network connectivity enabling the delivery of SIP services into legacy PRI, CAS and SS7 networks, as well as IP to IP transcoding for network peering applications. With its compact 1U high-density package, integrated SS7 termination, software licensing for in- service capacity expansion, and GUI- based element management system, the IMG 1010 is a carrier-grade VoIP gateway that enables service providers to quickly add new telephony services while providing a clear migration path to an all IP network.

The IMG 1010 simultaneously supports PRI and SS7 signaling, plus SIP and H.323, all on a cost effective, future-proof platform that can grow as services evolve.

Faster time to market, improved flexibility, investment protection, and higher quality, all at lower cost and greater efficiency combine to make the IMG 1010 the strategic platform of choice for voice service providers evolving their infrastructure to IP.

Product Information

Routing Features
    • Call routing and translation based on ANI, DNIS, and Nature Of Address, Time of Day, Day of Week/Year
    • Pre- and post-routing digit translations
    • Multiple routing algorithms per trunk group or groups of trunks for IP to TDM and IP to IP with a- law and μ-law conversions
    • Pre-call announcement (Branding)
    • Centralized Element Management System
    • GUI-based system allows monitoring and provisioning of up to 16 gateways
    • Centralized routing engine simultaneously configures all gateways in the network
    • Radius (billing, authentication, prepaid)
    • Local time zone support
    • SNMP
    • MIBs: MIB-2, Interface, Alarms, DS0, DS1, and DS3
    • MRTG
Power Requirements
    • -48V DC with voltage range (-40V to -60V)
    • 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz with voltage range (90V to 260V)
    • Power consumption: 90 Watts
Physical Specifications
    • 1.72" h (43.7 mm) x 17.25" w (438.2mm) x 19.00" d (482.6mm)
    • wt: 18 lbs (8.1kg)
    • SS7 Signaling: 1+1 Active/Standby redundancy
    • Virtual IP addresses for SIP load balancing
    • 96 - 768 TDM channels per 1U shelf (scalable from 3 E1/ 4 T1 to 24 E1 / 32 T1)
    • 96 - 1024 VoIP channels per 1U shelf
I/O Interfaces
    • Telephony: T1 and E1, or DS3
    • IP: 4 - Fast Ethernet for control and signaling 2 - Gigabit Ethernet for VoIP payload
    • T1/E1s for timing (BITS clock) and signaling
    • Loop timing via any telephony port
TDM Signaling Protocols
    • ISDN PRI (FAS and NFAS) - NI2, Euro ISDN, DMS 250, 5ESS, JATE/Japan INS-NET1500
    • T1/E1 CAS (FGB, FGD and MFR2)
    • Q.699 ISDN to SS7 mapping
    • SS7/C7 ISUP - ITU and ANSI variants supported through Programmable Protocol Language (PPL)
    • 64 SS7 links (A-links and F-Links supported)
IP Signaling Protocols
    • H.323 v2
    • H.323 keep alive
    • RFC 2327 Session Description Protocol (SDP)
    • RFC 2976 SIP Info for digit transmission (#)
    • RFC 3261 SIP: Session Initiation Protocol
    • RFC 3262 SIP PRACK
    • RFC 3264 SDP Offer/Answer Model
    • RFC 3265 SIP Subscribe/Notify
    • RFC 3311 SIP Update
    • RFC 3325 Asserted Identity
    • RFC 3326 SIP Reason Header
    • RFC 3372 SIP for Telephones (SIP-T)
    • RFC 3398 ISUP/SIP Mapping
    • RFC 3578 ISUP overlap signaling to SIP
    • RFC 3581 Symmetric Response Routing
    • RFC 3666 SIPto PSTN Call Flows
    • RFC 4028 SIP Session Timer
    • SIP 3xx Gateway Responses
    • SIP Diversion Header
    • SIP Trunk Group IDs
    • SIP Codec Negotiation
    • SIP Busy out
IP Bearer Features
    • Codec Support — AMR, iLBC, G.711, G.723.1, G.729 A/B, G.729 E/G
    • Echo Cancellation - G.168 128ms tail length
    • Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
    • Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
    • T.38 Real Time Fax
    • Fax / Modem Bypass
    • Digit transmission via RFC 2833 (SIP and H.323) or H.245 UII (H.323)
    • Symmetric NAT Traversal
    • Adaptive Jitter Buffer
    • Packet Loss Compensation
    • Configurable ToS (Type of Service) fields for packet prioritization and routing

Reference Site

We had sold about 10 units of IMG 1010 to a telecom and internet provider, who owns a submarine cable infrastructure across Asia and the Pacific Ocean, for the implementation of a regional VoIP network.

For More Information

You are welcomed to contact us for more information about our IMG 1010 VoIP Media Gateway. Please send an email to info@teamup.com.hk or give a ring to +852 2581 1672.